High Status Dining in the 18th Century
A day with culinary historian Ivan Day

Presented by Susan McLellan Plaisted and Heart to Hearth Cookery
at the Bucks County Visitors Center

Culinary historian Ivan Day spent a November day talking with us about upper-class dining in the 18th century.

Preparations for the tea at the Bucks County Visitors Center The event was held on the anniversary of Karen Hess's birth, in her memory. The Bucks County Visitors Center is ready for the Ivan Day tea.

Registration Ivan Day, Susan McLellan Plaisted and a member of the Board of the Bucks County Visitors Center Attendees of the tea

Helen Norum serving tea. Guests took home their tea bowls and saucers. Peter Rose, Stephen Schmidt and Susan McLellan Plaisted More attendees. We had a large and appreciative crowd.

Ivan Day with his tea bowl bag and attendees Helen serving Ivan Day Ivan, Susan and Mary Beth Lathbury

Drawing names for the flowers Ivan Day Heart to Hearth Cookery Staff - Helen Norum and Andrew Plaisted

Heart to Hearth Cookery wishes to thank all those who made this day a wonderful success - the attendees, the volunteers, staff members, and the Bucks County Visitors Center and their members.
Heart to Hearth Cookery Staff - Mary Beth Lathbury and Michael Plaisted    

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