Heart to Hearth Cookery presents
Dining with History

a new presentation for restaurant owners and their dining guests

Create a whole new dining experience for your restaurant with Heart to Hearth Cookery’s “Dining with History” programs. Excite your guests and add a flair of history to your dining room. With any of these programs Susan will be live in your dining room presenting an interactive demonstration that will educate your guests and entice their appetites. Not only will a program add excitement to your dining room, but it can be used to feature special items or areas of the daily menu.

Space is always at a premium in the dining room and you won’t have to give up much to host a program. Susan will provide her own table and equipment that will take approximately the space of a circular six top table.

Modern recipes that incorporate the historical receipts (recipes) can be made available to your chef if you would like to add any feature items to the days’ menu.

Current programs available:

18th Century Ice Cream
Native American Foodways
Swedish Foodways
More to come……

Other programs are available on request. Please contact Susan if you have any questions or need more information.

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